The rental will be closed in 2020, sorry!
Rent kayaks to paddle by yourself, starting at rents for 4h. If you rent more than one boat, we can agree on a shorter time as well and it gets cheaper — just ask. It is recommended to give me a call/message a day before, as I am not at the kayak trailer all the time and have to get there for renting out kayaks.

single kayak

double kayak


25 €

32 €

1 day

35 €

40 €

1 day (rent >2 days)

30 €

35 €

Included as accessories are paddle, life jacket(s), a waterproof bag and a laminated map.

There is a 15% discount for students, pensioners and so on.

Please bring a document with photograph and address (e.g. ID) as deposit.